Focaccia is a handmade leavened pastry typical of the pastry shops of Parma. We like to think that Parma has deserved the title of “UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy” also for this great product of Italian craftsmanship.

It is traditionally produced in winter and especially on end of year holidays.

The crust has the amber tone of some honeys. The dought has a beautiful yellow colour, with elongated alveolation. Focaccia is characterized by the addition, after cooking, of some alcoholics that makes it particularly soft and stringy.

The notes of butter, candied oranges and the alcoholics (Limoncello, Maraschino and Rum) give the sweet a rich fragrance.


Sweet focaccia with apricot and pineapple candied fruits that give it a wonderful bouquet. It is covered with amaretto glaze and sugar granules. Liqueur: Maraschino.


Sweet focaccia with soft candied pears, extra dark chocolate chips and orange. It is covered with dark chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Liqueur: Rum.


Sweet focaccia with enveloping gianduia cream, covered with chocolate and hazelnut sprinkles. The citrus notes of the orange enhance the intense fragrance of toasted hazelnuts. Liqueur: Rum


Sweet focaccia with delicious pistachio cream and white chocolate, covered with pistachio sprinkles. The characteristic aroma of pistachio is combined with the delicacy of chocolate. Liqueur: Limoncello

Size: 950g  Shelf-life: 45 giorni

Size: 950g  Shelf-life: 45 giorni

Size: 1000g  Shelf-life: 45 giorni

Size: 1000g  Shelf-life: 45 giorni

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