Panettone is the sweet that has conquered everyone from Milan, becoming the universally recognized symbol of Italian Christmas. The sweet has a golden crust, the dough is of a beautiful intense yellow with a soft, stringy and alveolate structure. The scents of butter are mixed with the warm notes of candied citrus fruits. The natural leavening gives an extraordinary aromatic bouquet.


Classic panettone with a soft dough enriched with sultana and candied citrus peels. The soft dough releases buttery notes. We like to cover it with a crispy almonds glaze.

Black cherries with chocolate

Panettone with soft candied black cherries enriched with pieces of extra dark chocolate and orange paste. It is topped with chocolate. Without sultana.


Panettone with coffeee enriched with white chocolate chips. A successful meeting between the milky taste of white chocolate and the intense flavor of coffee. It is covered with the same chocolate. Without sultana.

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